Mantra Cards

“The morning reveals its magic to those who are willing to see”

In my life, I’ve noticed affirmations being particularly effective, even in small doses. The degree of our mental scatter and chatter is constantly in flux, so at some points you may feel that more concentrated exposure to the mantra is more beneficial. Other times you may utilize them as a simple fine-tuning, or to direct your manifesting potential towards specific goals and results.
The truth is we are all experiencing some type of constant internal mind chatter. Whether it is conscious or not, it is on repeat and is affecting every moment of our every day.
Practicing with affirmations or mantras is a simple and extremely efficient invitation to begin shifting your unconscious thoughts to be more of service to your life.
In the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, it explains mantra as “that which keeps the mind steady and produces the proper effect”. Mantra is also defined as “mystic word”.

Take a fun approach to positive affirmations using my cards. Immerse yourself in nature’s beauty while the affirmations give your mind some fresh air.

Happy affirming!

“Imagine if all the beauty you could perceive were simply a reflection of your own magnificence”