Morgan is a versatile mix of opposites. A devoted yogini who also passionately plays her heart out on the soccer field. A calm, quiet daily practitioner of meditation who isn’t afraid to feel and express ALL emotions. Born and raised with all the comforts one could hope for, and with an insatiable desire to travel to Spanish-speaking countries. Just your average Spanish-speaking, salsa-dancing, soccer-playing white girl.

Morgan aspires to live her life in service to creating more equality on all levels. She’s been practicing a vegan lifestyle for several years, and truly believes that is one very simple choice we can all make towards cultivating a sense of deeper peace, both in our own lives and on the world at large.

By starting with the ways in which we eat, we can be so much more in touch with how our actions impact others. Are we acting from a place of inclusiveness, with others in mind? Or are we focused solely on our own preferences and interests?

Psst. We’re in this together.

Compassion is the secret tool that allows us to take into account another person or being’s experience. When we come to a place of wholeness within ourselves, compassion is a natural, ever-flowing component of our decision-making.

We all can cultivate the compassion needed to understand what happens to and around us in the context of the bigger picture. With that understanding, we can ACT instead of react.

Morgan is 500-hour RYT certified in yoga and meditation.

Catch her at her weekly yoga classes, connect to your inspiration with her Mantra Cards, and stay tuned for her local and international service retreats.

Morgan believes each of us has a unique way in which we are meant to show up in the world. Her wish is to help you uncover the secret power of your own brilliance.

The more we can humble ourselves to the fact of our greatness, the more we will be of service to the world.”