Sensitive Vegans: It’s not Just a Phase

If you’re like me you’ve probably sought out every podcast, article, and YouTube video on how to deal with the unimaginable burden of being vegan in a non-vegan world. If you’re like me, you’ve probably also felt let down by the many people who dismiss the overwhelming emotions in response to the ubiquitous acceptance of animal cruelty and exploitation as… a phase.

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The Female’s Burden

I did a silent protest.

Just me, and an artist friend who agreed to draw in chalk the face of a cow in front of where I laid my mat for my practice. The idea came after I finished my home practice one day, while I sat in cow face pose. Sitting there, the cow began to come to mind, particularly, the female cow. 

She is ruthlessly exploited, from the day she is born until the day she can no longer stand from giving birth so many times. She is then taken to slaughter, sometimes needing to be lifted up by a tractor because her body has been pushed to its capacity much sooner than it should have. Only until then is she relieved of her reproduction duties, as she is deemed unprofitable. In between those two wretched days, she has the hands and forearms of men periodically shoved into her rectum, then injecting semen into her vagina that was taken from a bull she may never know.

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The Life Behind the Lie

And they walked away with their purchases, neat little paper bags, hints of grease beginning to seep through. The aroma of deep fried fat, sugar, and salt sultrily making its rounds to each nostril within reach. Brushing aside the hair of the one who tries but can’t avoid the feeling that something’s missing, and whispering right in her ear, “I can fix that for you.”

The contents of that bag did not start out this way, but they were assigned a new mission: to feed the addiction. And the only place addiction can survive is in the empty space between the consumer and her wholeness. In that space the lie is nurtured, stroked, given air to breathe. “You are not complete. What you need will not be provided. You must take it by force.” Only in the deep unconscious can a lie summon enough power to turn the most well-intending man or woman cold, closing their island to all but those who share the same mentality. So the lie will never be questioned, and the emptiness never revealed. 
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Should I Stay or Should I Go?

If you ever thought you had commitment issues… this is for you 😉

In the past years as I’ve been traveling to different places, settling for a bit and then gathering my things to take off again, I wondered if there was something in me that was afraid to stay. Was there something great for me where I was but some part of me felt like I didn’t deserve it? Was I just making things more difficult for myself by not following the norm?

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Recently in meditation I was shown a thought or belief I didn’t know I had, but in unconscious ways had been acting on. Since I’m a student and teacher of yoga, my daily practice is super important and balancing for me. But there are times when I miss a day, or two, or maybe don’t get as much time in, and thoughts like “I won’t be as insightful today” or “I’ll have a harder time being patient” come up, which leave me feeling this added guilt throughout the day.

It’s like I have to make up for the fact that I didn’t dedicate as much time as I would’ve liked to do my routine. And as a result, I don’t feel as deserving of happiness, of receiving other people’s patience, of hearing the guidance of my higher self, essentially, of being worthy of my connection with source.

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Let Go, and Celebrate Yourself!

I took myself on a little trip today. On the way back listening to Lisa Nichols’ audio book “Abundance Now”, I got to the point where she talked about celebrating ourselves for our wins – big and small.

I realized there are a handful of things I’ve done lately or I continue to do that are pending my intentional celebration! My life has been transforming drastically in the past few years.

Normally, this weekend or a time close to it, I would be on a snowboarding trip. For the past ten years, every winter I would go snowboarding at LEAST once. I love it. It’s offered me so much fun and freedom.

The precarious chair lift photo.

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Fight the Good Fight: A Peaceful Approach to Politics

This is a time of drastic transformation. There is infinite potential to transform our world in a positive trajectory, with love and optimism and healing in our hearts. And there is the same amount of potential to continue a spiral into darkness and separation. Where energy goes, energy grows. We have the choice.

We are brilliant. We shine as individuals and we thrive in our communities. We deserve to continue to shine, and we must want the same for all of our brothers and sisters. So especially in this time of tension and conflict, I ask of you, my brother and sister warriors, turn in. Remember the goal you want to accomplish, and unleash your energy there.


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