The Life Behind the Lie

And they walked away with their purchases, neat little paper bags, hints of grease beginning to seep through. The aroma of deep fried fat, sugar, and salt sultrily making its rounds to each nostril within reach. Brushing aside the hair of the one who tries but can’t avoid the feeling that something’s missing, and whispering right in her ear, “I can fix that for you.”

The contents of that bag did not start out this way, but they were assigned a new mission: to feed the addiction. And the only place addiction can survive is in the empty space between the consumer and her wholeness. In that space the lie is nurtured, stroked, given air to breathe. “You are not complete. What you need will not be provided. You must take it by force.” Only in the deep unconscious can a lie summon enough power to turn the most well-intending man or woman cold, closing their island to all but those who share the same mentality. So the lie will never be questioned, and the emptiness never revealed. 

The contents of that bag were once a life, a perfectly put-together and complete being of love. He breathed, he longed for his mother, and he panicked desperately to escape the hands and machines that would inevitably force his life to end. His entire existence, from conception to execution, was hijacked, because the consumer believes her preference and convenience important enough to warrant lifetimes of suffering and terror.

This being’s existence was stripped of meaning, his body reduced to something resembling food. But really, it’s a facade – yet another socially-encouraged escape from dealing with our discomfort. A band-aid on a wound we’re afraid to address. The producer saw an opening – the consumer’s discontent – and designed the temporary solution: a product to distract her from her brokenness. The result? Celebrating the annihilation of countless innocent creatures, closing our ears to their screams, all for a quick dopamine hit and a shallow validation that this is okay. 

Open your eyes to the ways marketing promotes and preys on your addictions. Your decisions to consume animal products are more influenced than you might think. Are we really as free a society as we’re led to believe?

May we be healed of our ignorance

So the ones who have been victims of our ignorance may be free.

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