Recently in meditation I was shown a thought or belief I didn’t know I had, but in unconscious ways had been acting on. Since I’m a student and teacher of yoga, my daily practice is super important and balancing for me. But there are times when I miss a day, or two, or maybe don’t get as much time in, and thoughts like “I won’t be as insightful today” or “I’ll have a harder time being patient” come up, which leave me feeling this added guilt throughout the day.

It’s like I have to make up for the fact that I didn’t dedicate as much time as I would’ve liked to do my routine. And as a result, I don’t feel as deserving of happiness, of receiving other people’s patience, of hearing the guidance of my higher self, essentially, of being worthy of my connection with source.

Just by observing our culture, I know everyone is affected by this belief on probably more than one level. We think if our performance is anything less than perfect, it means we’re not worthy of good things coming our way. We have to always work harder, strive more, so the outcome can meet our expectations, which are usually based off a cluster of comparisons we’ve formed between ourselves and other people. It sets us up for failure and we subconsciously get into this spiral of self-sabotaging thoughts and actions.

There will always be someone with more, someone we perceive as better in some way. So as long as we’re subscribing to the practice of determining our self-worth based on what other people have or do, we’ll never feel like we made it.

While sticking earnestly to my daily practice does yield so many amazing and wonderful benefits, so does not being perfect at it. The truth is we just can’t keep up with everything 100% of the time, and we’re not supposed to.

Life is meant to show us who we are when everything’s going our way and also who we are when it’s not. To remind us we’re fully and completely supported no matter what. It’s inconsequential to the bigger picture whether we achieve all the goals we’ve set for ourselves, or we meet all the deadlines, or we look as beautiful as so and so, make more money than so and so, or even that we meditate and do yoga everyday.

You are, I am, everyone is already inherently perfect, whole and complete. Fully deserving of love and joy, unconditionally. It’s just fine to set goals and work hard for them, and to feel great when they are achieved. And it is also perfectly fine to reach for something and have it crumble to pieces.

Sometimes we have to fall short of our expectations, miss the mark, or even f**k up completely to see that we actually are okay, and things are okay. There are greater forces at work holding it all together, and life will go on whether or not we have everything figured out.

Learning to forgive ourselves for not being perfect and loving ourselves, not only in spite of, but because of our imperfections are two of the greatest things we can learn to do. Because the chances to do so will keep coming up as life happens, and also because once we’re able to do that for ourselves, it makes it possible to show up in that way for others.

More forgiveness and compassion = less judgment and resentment = more connection = more acceptance = more happiness = peace on earth. It all starts with self-love and acceptance, letting go of our expectations, and realizing we are already perfect. We were created that way 💖


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