Let Go, and Celebrate Yourself!

I took myself on a little trip today. On the way back listening to Lisa Nichols’ audio book “Abundance Now”, I got to the point where she talked about celebrating ourselves for our wins – big and small.

I realized there are a handful of things I’ve done lately or I continue to do that are pending my intentional celebration! My life has been transforming drastically in the past few years.

Normally, this weekend or a time close to it, I would be on a snowboarding trip. For the past ten years, every winter I would go snowboarding at LEAST once. I love it. It’s offered me so much fun and freedom.

The precarious chair lift photo.

Sunny skies and catching Mike off guard.
Happy to be on the mountain 🙂

Slowly, the amount of times I’ve been able to go each year has decreased. It’s always been so special to me, but I’ve also been aware of the new and different events and commitments that continually rise to the surface and begin to take precedence. Wisdom has illuminated to me that there is much greater peace and alignment in letting the things go which seem to be slowly making their exit from my life.

This season, I won’t be going at all. I didn’t actively make that decision, but I can just tell it’s the direction things are going. Making it a practice to gracefully let go when it’s time, you become more perceptive to the signs of change. And when you can realize a certain situation or person’s time with you has come to an end, you don’t get stuck dwelling and mourning over what was. You are filled with appreciation for where it’s taken you, and you are present in total trust that more growth will be awaiting you on the other side.


As I reflected on what felt deserving of my celebration, many things were already in mind.

I celebrate myself for taking risks. For listening to my intuition when it was telling me to see new places. For moving to a new state where I only knew one person. For accepting the perfect job when it was offered to me. For excelling at it. I celebrate myself for having the courage to leave all that behind, again in the name of faith and trust that more was out there for me. I celebrate myself for being the best cat mom I can possibly be. For always humbling myself to the fact that I have more to learn. For listening to my heart. I celebrate myself for my dedication to my passions. I celebrate myself for continuing to pick myself back up after it feels hard and lonely. I celebrate myself for the love I have for myself and for Life.

One of the little angels I call my cats

Driving back from the little excursion I decided to go on, after months of having this place on my list, I decided to turn it into a celebration. I gave myself permission to enjoy it even more, because now it was in the light of recognizing my journey and how far I’ve come.

We don’t have to wait for the big things in order to give ourselves permission to celebrate. How will we ever get to the big things, if not for the little steps we take along the way?

If we can let go of the high expectations we place on ourselves, we’ll find we’re a hell of a lot more amazing than we give ourselves credit for.

What things are pending YOUR celebration?

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